30 Day Photo Challenge


I’ve seen a few bloggers doing a 30 day photo challenge but no one I have seen is tracking back to a linky.  Bummer.  Today I googled October Photo  Challenge & I came across Jen’s blog.  She is hosting a link up so I decided to join in, fashionably late, because that’s just how I roll.
Day 1 is a picture of yourself.  These things tend to get me a little worked up and I obsess about every little thing.  So, before I could even think about it I pulled out my ponytail & snapped just one picture of myself, not even 10 seconds of photo prep.  This is me, right now, dirty hair and with my glasses a little off, SOTC.   I’ll definitely do laundry today so I can post day 2  “what I wore today” without embarrassment.

Join in:

What it is about here.

Day 1 link up here.

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