The bridge of my nose is sore and swollen

Something is wrong with my nose.   My husband is pretty sure I have a massive zit brewing inside my nose,  but my gut instinct is that something else is going on.  I am a believer in treating everything as naturally as possible so seeking a doctor is rarely my first plan of action.  I woke up this morning and just knew this was not a pimple in my nose.   I think this will be with recording.

About a week ago our youngest was sick with a pretty heavy cold,  mild fever,  sore throat,  croupy cough.   Then our oldest got it.   He is 17 and away from home daily.  He eats junk,  drinks junk (and very little water),  and never gets enough sleep.  He got knocked down pretty hard by the same thing.  I had a bout of it too,  but it was mild and we just rested a lot for the week.   We have been on the mend but I have still had a bit of a head cold,  nothing significant,  but it is worth noting that our immunity has been low.  As a result,  I have been taking probiotics for the last 2 days.

Two days ago we were out for a day of winter fun and in the afternoon I remember noticing my nose was tender on the right side by the bridge of my nose.   That night as we were driving home it was becoming increasingly sore to the touch,  enough so that I brought it up to Steve.   He was sure I was developing a pimple deep down in a pore.  I don’t get many pimples but it sounded logical.   It really hurt.

Yesterday my nose hurt even worse.  I kept feeling around for the bump indicating a developing pimple but nothing was there.   What I did notice was that the pain actually seemed to be coming from the cartilage inside my nose,  in the middle,  up pretty high.   It was very tender.

Today I woke up and my nose was very sore.  The congestion from this cold makes it worse because I am blowing my nose frequently.   When I touched the bridge of my nose it felt different,  warm and swollen.   I used my cell to snap this (not so flattering) picture in the dark. 


I’m hoping my skin looks so bad because of the flash.  It doesn’t look as big as it feels but it looks more swollen than usual and it is a little pink where it hurts the most.   I just know it is something more than a pimple.

My nose really hurts.   It feels like I was punched right in the nose.   It is significantly warmer to the touch on the bridge of my nose than anywhere else on my face.  Also,  when running my finger down my nose from between my eyebrows to the tip of my nose there is a significant bump right where it hurts the most.

My thoughts?  I think I may have cellulitis,  which is basically a skin infection.  Cellulitis can be serious.   Typically I would try to knock it back immediately with an onslaught of natural treatment in place of antibiotics.   This is tricky though,  because my husband thinks it’s a pimple and I know that he is wrong.   If I start treating it now, this morning while he is at work, he will never believe it is/was more serious.  The thing is, if it is cellulitis, I can’t wait too long to act.   I’m giving it one day to see what happens.   I suspect it will get worse.

Also,  if I go and fix it right now,  I won’t know for sure if I am on the right track.  I feel like I have a little room to self experiment.

Tomorrow I will take 10,000 iu of Vit D in the morning and at night.   I will get a good bit of fresh garlic in my system as well.   My inclination would be to use powerful essential oils on it,  but I need to do a bit of research to see how close to the eyes oils can be used.  

After my shower without flash


I will update tomorrow with pictures.   If anyone else has any other ideas besides cellulitis,  I would love to hear them.   I will be looking around online for others with similar symptoms today.  

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20 thoughts on “The bridge of my nose is sore and swollen

  1. If the pain is internal, and it feels swollen and warm, sounds like an infection. Could you have developed a sinus infection? Maybe you could try flushing your sinuses with saline (neti pot?) and see if that helps.

    • I do need to get a neti pot. I have said that before but I do rarely get a cold that I always think I will pick one up when I need it. I have given consideration to a sinus infection, but the pain is specifically located in my nose. My sinus area is not hardly tender, and that tenderness seems to be coming from my nose pain. A sinus infection is certainly something to consider. I will try to get my hands on a neti pot today. Thanks, Joanna!

  2. Hi there – I was wondering if this ever went away for you? I have the exact same thing and my nose looks like yours did in the pic. I have been using a neti pot, but it hasn’t helped…

    • Belinda, I will try to update tomorrow. I got so sick and want able to get back to it. I suspected it was cellulitis (staph) and I was correct. So far as I was able to determine the only place to correctly and consistently diagnose it properly for others has been the ER. I will try to get an update posted tomorrow. In the meantime, ask any questions.

      • I am having the same exact thing happen right now. I am really scared. I am a mother of a 1 and a 2 year old. I just started augmentin yesterday for a sinus infection. Could you text or email me your course of treatment and recovery? or 6063564559

        Thank you so much.

  3. Did u find out if it was a sinus infection or something else? I don’t feel like this is bad enough to go see a doctor yet but my nose is sore as if someone punched me in my sleep but of course that didn’t happen. I have no bruising but it feels warm and slightly swollen on the bridge of my nose. Clear snot and random sneezing but not often. Intense headaches and I Never get headaches so this is odd. Any advice?

    • I did go have it checked out in the ER. It was cellulitis, as I suspected. I would NOT look for answers anywhere but the ER for this it is so often misdiagnosed. And if you choose to go that route, as I recognize everyone isn’t up for trying to battle these things naturally, I would go to the ER and tell them at check in you suspect staph. You will, as a result, most likely be ushered in immediately and dealt with immediately. I never even sat down because hospitals are very serious about staph.

    • Further, if you have any funny feeling in your head (confusion, funny vision, or anything that doesn’t feel normal) I would absolutely go right to the ER. The biggest risk with this form of cellulitis is that it is SO close to your eyes and brain. If it does spread the damage could be very serious. That said, if I were to suspect cellulitis in any other, less risky location, I wouldn’t hesitate to treat it naturally.

  4. I’ve had these symptoms (minus the bump) for about a week now along with a cough and runny/stuffy nose. Did you also have these as well. But just like you, I thought it was a pimple until one morning I woke up with it swollen and punk at the bridge. What did they give you for your infection?

  5. About a year and a half ago I had similar symptoms and was diagnosed with celulitis and was treated with anti-biotics. The swelling and pain left, but I still feel there is something not right with the bridge of my nose. The skin looks different there: the size of a thumb print, perfectly circular. The bridge of my nose remains red too. I’ve also had vision “things” and have seen specialists but found nothing so far. So, Kaira, I was wondering if you have had any of these symptoms as well?

    • Doreen, I have not had similar experiences, but yours sound very concerning. If I were you I would pursue this further. I’m most concerned about the continues redness and vision infractions. It doesn’t mean much to me that even a specialist didn’t pick up on something because their approach to medicine is treatment more than discovery , and they often don’t have the time to explore root causes. You need someone who will investigate your problems, who is motivated to understand your symptoms, and who has more tools than antibiotics and surgery to help you heal.

      My suspicion is that your eyes were affected by your cellulitis – that’s a very real threat with it being so close to your eyes. It can cause blindness, so vision disturbance is possible. How long did you have cellulitis before treatment of any kind? How quickly did it respond to treatment. I self diagnosed my own within 24 hours, I believe. And I immediately began treating it at home, which I believe saved me from a much worse infection.

      Why don’t you email me and we can continue this conversation more specifically off my blog.


  6. I fell off my bike at a skatepark and landed on my head 2 days ago. My face has a few wounds and my head still hurts but I’m healing . I noticed that the bridge of my nose is swollen too. Do you think it’s from the impact on my head? Is this normal?

  7. I have this same problem with the bridge of my nose being very tender,also I have pain between the eyes directly above the nose bridge

    • I would go in and make certain that they document that you believe it is Staph (Cellulitis). This is so misdiagnosed and is very dangerous if the infection that is so close to your eyes and brain starts to spread.

  8. I have the same problem. I noticed that my nose was sore yesterday. The feeling like you hit the bridge of your nose on the car door.. The whole bridge of my nose is red and sore to the touch. I will sneeze occasionally, but do not feel that I have a cold. A couple of days ago(during the weekend) I woke up and just could not motivate myself. I felt really tired and feverish. Nothing registering on the thermometer, but icky and lack of motivation. This is the fourth week of school and I teach pre k in a child care center o i blew it off as being around runny nosed kids who have never left their home. The germ catchers! I overslept today and just was not feeling it. Feeling tired around my eyes and the bridge of my nose still sore and red. I even bent down at one point and felt the bridge of my nose throb. Since it has been 48 hrs plus since I really felt exhausted I took my temp at school with an ear thermometer and it was a bit over 100. Did I mention that we had a reported case of scabies in our class yesterday! i have already called out of work tomorrow (they were thrilled) i guess it is hard to find someone to go in a room with a big sign that says scabies! I have an 8:45 apt with my general practitioner for a diagnosis. I will update when I find out. At first I thought it could be strep but my throat does not hurt anymore. Did I mention I am a strep magnet, also,

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