Your Mom…

Last night I was driving home with my sick kid after he spent 4 days with Elizabeth’s family.  Nick wasn’t feeling well but he was talking to me and filing me in on all they did together.

And then I said something that shocked me.  I don’t know where it came from.   I can’t even remember what I was asking,  but it started out…

What did your mom… and I was referring to Karen, Elizabeth’s mom.

Where did that come from?  Maybe I just misspoke,  but I have never said anything like that before!  I wonder if Nick’s life is so shared between our two homes that I see Karen as a co-parent of sorts?

Karen and I have had really great conversations about life and parenting.   She’s helped me muddle through my thoughts on several occasions, and the other day I was wrestling with a situation concerning Nicolas and I wanted to call her and ask her about it.  She’d be pleased because I heard her voice in my head, “Have you prayed about it?” 

Maybe it’s that I recognize the role of influence Karen now has in Nick’s life.   Maybe it was just a weird misspeaking,  I don’t know.  But I said it and it surprised me.  Someday,  Lord willing,  I will have to share the title and I hope I do share it with Karen!   Someday there will be a first time a young woman I love but didn’t birth calls me mom… and all will be right in my world.

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