Boys will be boys

My kids being me so much joy. And because blogging takes a back seat to read life, I haven’t recorded even half of the happy memories and proud mom moments here. But, I do try to tuck away ones as I am able.

This isn’t exactly a proud mom story, but it’s funny still. I have learned it is okay to laugh with the antics of teenage boys doing what they do. And even more, to be thankful when they share their somewhat inappropriate humor with me. That’s a blessing – I know I never felt like I could share that stuff with my parents.

Nicolas called me from Elizabeth’s house yesterday, during another 4 day visit, to tell me “I just took the best pictures I’ve ever taken.”  And then he sent me this mini photo story.



The back story.   Sunday afternoon Nick butt dialed me.   I listened in for a bit.   Mostly I couldn’t hear anything clearly,  but then Nick days something about a bomb.  Then laughter.  Then he says,  “you can make a bomb out of that!”  And then he says,  “Hello?”

You better not be making bombs!

He was stunned and then laughed.  It was a good opportunity for a gentle reminder.

I am always watching and always  listening.  I  love you

Apparently they were trying to buy dry ice and you need to be 18 to buy dry ice.   The following day they have secured dry ice. 

Boys will be boys.   These guys really have a great time together and I just love how close they all are.  God had graciously given Nicolas more than just a sweet love with Elizabeth.   He had given him 2 more brothers!

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