I Quit Water Only Hair Washing – update

I am frustrated with myself for quitting my water-only hair washing experiment.  I made it 3 weeks and things were going well.  I really wanted to get on the other side, where people have shiny, full of body hair. 

Going back to shampoo has completely traumatized my scalp.  I have scaly stuff all over my scalp.  It’s like little white scabs I can scratch off – so gross! 

The thing about toxic environments I’d that our bodies just adapt to them.  My hair was fine before I ever decided to start the water only hair washing experiment.  Not only fine, it was pretty – people frequently commented on how nice my hair was.  My scalp had adapted to a lifelong onslaught of chemicals I used to clean my hair.  But once my scalp was free of chemicals, and realized it and started functioning normally again, it essentially went crazy when they were reintroduced.

It makes me wonder how much of our bodies are overwhelmed by environmental factors and chemicals that we feed on.  How much are our bodies just adapting to the onslaught and not thriving. 

I’m disappointed that I quit water only hair washing.  I wish I had stuck with it until my goal of January 1st.  I may try again.  In the meantime, I need to figure out something to calm my scalp down. 

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4 thoughts on “I Quit Water Only Hair Washing – update

  1. Have you tried using shampoos without sulfates or parabens? They are hard to find sometimes, and a tad more money, but I think totally worth it for the lack of irritation and less yuck.

    • That is what I am using now, my scalp is slowly settling down. Very slowly. I suppose I will have to endure another time of adjustment for my scalp, which really bums me out. My hair looks okay, but feels very dry and is tangling. The Body Shop conditioner I have isn’t very conditioning. I’m going to go back to ACV rinse which also balances the PH of my scalp. Also interesting, I’ve gotten a mild skin irritation on my upper back that I’m attributing to the reintroduction of shampoo. I wish I had persevered with WO washing.

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